On this page you can get an overview of the many options for accessories that we offer for our boats. In addition, you can also read about why our RIBs are the toughest in the world, due to the materials we use and the way we construct our hulls and tubes.

Hull & tubes

Superior hull design

The modern Tornado hull design is the evolution of more than 40 years of testing, upgrading and modification, which has resulted in a Tornado range of boats consisting of 4 different models to suit every need, from the small lake runabout RIB to the 12m Commercial Tornado RIBs currently operating in some of the harshest environments.

This wide range of use is especially due to the strength of the hull, which is in the fiber reinforcements and not directly in the resin (but the resin must be strong of course, as this is what binds it all together), and at Tornado Boats we use a combination of polyester and vinyl ester to get the strongest and lightest boats.

But what gives the Tornado RIB an advantage over all other RIBs on the market, is the classic V-design of the hull. This design has demonstrated its durability and strength for over 4 decades, mainly because it maximizes the speed of the RIB while economizing fuel consumption, as well as providing supreme safety, maneuverability and versatility.

Extremely durable tubes

Choosing the correct material for the tube construction is one the most important decisions when building a RIB, which is why all Tornado tubes are made of the best PU fabric available. PU or Polyurethane material has far superior qualities of abrasion resistance and the ability to cope with extreme temperatures, and this PU material (in 2 different weights) has the unique advantage, that it also allows any general fittings, strake, cladding, handles or lifelines to be glued to the tubes.

To add to the quality of the production, all our seams on these high class RIB Tubes are welded, a production method that makes the seams almost as strong as the fabric itself and far stronger than glued seams.

Best materials available

As with all Tornado production, we have chosen the best production methods and materials, not the easiest and cheapest. Every custom-built Tornado is hand crafted using the highest grade marine materials on the market, and as one of the few RIB manufacturers in the world we manufacture our own pontoons from 100% Polyurethane fabric.

A material that is far superior in every way to common fabrics like Hypalon and PVC, which is also why Polyurethane is especially recommended by military experts for professional RIBs. In 1993 the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center did a study on polyurethane and the advantages of using it for Rigid Inflatable Boats. The Technical Memorandum concludes: “The data shows that the Urethane coated fabric is considerably stronger than the Hypalon® coated fabric.”

The Memorandum also states that: “(. . .) Polyurethane is more correctly defined as an elastomer, meaning, it can be repeatedly stretched and still recover to show its original properties – a significant benefit for RIB tubes that are often subjected to major stresses during wave impact.”

And it recommends: “Urethane coated fabrics should be adopted as a replacement for Hypalon® coated fabrics in tube construction on U.S. Navy RIBs.”

Another study, also by the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center, confirmed those results in 2001 and further stated that: “Tubes constructed of polyurethane coated fabric exhibit better key physical properties than tubes constructed of Hypalon coated fabric (…), better tensile strength, tearing strength, puncture resistance, coating adhesion, and abrasion resistance.”

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Polyurethane facts:

– Polyurethane has a very long service life.
– Very high mechanical strength against wear and tear as well as point loads.
– High resistance to UV.
– Exceptional air-tightness.
– Rarely punctures.
– Easier/less time-consuming to repair compared to other materials.
– Resistant to most solvents like oil and petrol.

Gallery of options

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A variety of functions

The console has many functions to perform during the use of your Tornado RIB. It is designed to carry steering and engine controls, mount a vast array of electronics equipment, house one of our aluminum fuel tanks or simply to provide protection for the crew, while still maintaining a comfortable and user-friendly design. The console accessories are very important.

Your indispensable workspace

All Tornado consoles are molded on to the deck – never bolted or screwed. This is one of the many reasons why the Tornado consoles lasts longer, still looking great. If your RIB is your daily workspace or you simply want your console to have great longevity, a molded console is what you would want, and it comes in every possible color you may desire and with the kind of grab handle, windshield or locker you need.

Click on the gallery to see our large selection of consoles ranging from single and double consoles to our custom-built models.

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Stainless Steel Parts

First class quality

We strive to deliver the highest quality possible and a pure design that pleases the eye and withstands the elements. That’s the essence of the Tornado build, and our stainless steel parts are no exceptions, as they are built with the highest grade marine stainless steel known as A4/316.
In our selection are also a wide range of aluminum fittings. They are sea water proof, and we have a huge selection of standard fittings from Handles to A-Frames, Bottle Racks and Windscreens.

Custom made steel and aluminum parts

Should you need anything beyond our standard range then we can also design and build any bespoken stainless or aluminum pieces you may dream of – in polished or powder coated finish and in any color you would like; almost anything is possible.

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The right storage for a tidier boat

All features in our Tornado RIBs are custom made – including the lockers. We have a large range of lockers, from low bow lockers for anchors and ropes – to high wide lockers with multiples hatches for storing lifesaving equipment and the like. We make benches with lockers underneath, lockers incorporated in the console, or lockers in the seating, and they are all handmade for a perfect fit around the tubes and in corners.

Please see our wide range of lockers and let us know if you are unable to find what you are looking for, so we can find a solution together.

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General fittings

Supplementary add-ons to your RIB

Tornado Boats are for many users a reliable and ready-to-use work station at sea, with customized solutions that match the needs of every individual. Our product range is constantly expanding with new solutions and options in order to optimize life at sea, and we are always eager to hear what we can do for our customers to improve their boat down to the smallest of details. Are you unable to find accessories or solutions that fits your needs at sea, please contact us and we will develop a solution together.

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