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Life below sea level offers many exciting experiences, which is why we humans like to explore it. A good diving experience requires a good boat, which can sail you to the place where you want to dive, and which has room for all your equipment – You get that with a RIB from Tornado®.

Tornado® Boats are well suited for diving because we can customize our boats, so they are perfect for diving activities. For example, we can add bottle racks and a boarding ladder, so that the boat is fitted with the equipment that every diver demands.

Tornado Central Bottle
Tornado Central Bottle
Tornado Boarding Ladder
Tornado Boarding Ladder

That is just the tip of the iceberg. We offer a lot of different stainless steel or aluminum parts.

Should you need anything beyond our standard range then we can also design and build any bespoken stainless or aluminum pieces you may dream of – in polished or powder coated finish and in any color you would like; almost anything is possible.

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