RIBs with electric motors – how good do they work?



Rigid Inflatable Boats from Tornado powered by an electric motor from Torqeedo

Sustainable propulsion

With our RIBs with electric motors, we are moving towards a more sustainable propulsion that takes greater account of the environment. In this way, we ensure that our rigid inflatable boats fit into the contexts in which they are to be included.

If the purpose of the boat is to function as a coach boat in a sailing club, the boat is now more likely to become part of the sustainable image that sailing represents.

Sailing is a pure sport that runs on natural wind and has minimal impact on the environment. The electric propulsion allows the coaches to act as green and environmentally friendly as the athletes.

It may also open up opportunities to allow further use of scheduled boats on lakes and waterways where there is a restriction on the use of fossil-powered boats.

Electric motors – how good do they work?

The company behind the electric motors that we offer is German-based company, Torqeedo. The performance of the boat with an electrically powered motor from Torqeedo is in many ways very much the same as if it was powered by a petrol outboard engine. Our aim was to get exactly this — a boat that performs like ‘normal’ and doesn’t feel limited by the propulsion.

So the answer to the question must be: They work pretty good. The combination of a Tornado RIB and a Torqeedo motor makes the boat work and sail as with a petrol engine. We have tested it ourselves.

You can read more about our German friends and their electric motors here: Torqeedo.com

Go check it out – for a greener future.

Electric motor from Torqeedo

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