The longevity of a Tornado rigid inflatable boat


MINIMUM 20 Years longevity

A Tornado RIB must be able to withstand a harsh working environment, therefore our boats are made from the best materials available.

The durability of our boats is one of the most important things for us. They are made of the best materials available and therefore can withstand a harsh working environment. For the hull we use a combination of polyester and vinyl ester to get the strongest and lightest boats. For the tubes we are using the best PU (polyurethane) fabric available. This is the reason for the longevity of a Tornado.

When we say that our boats have a lifespan of 20 years, then it is based on the average lifespan of the boats that we have delivered. The lifespan of our boats depends, like everything else, on how they are treated. If they are treated well, they can live a long time. So, take good care of your Tornado. It pays off.

Dive further into our Tornado RIBs

All our boats are 100% customized. We build the boats according to the customer’s wishes. We also want to build the perfect boat for you. And as you just read, a Tornado has minimum 20 years longevity. Dive into our universe and do not hesitate to contact us!