What do you get out of Tornados classic V-designed hull?

Superior hull design

Tornados classic hull design gives you a lot of advantages

The V-designed hull is a result of more than 40 years of developing

The modern Tornado hull design is the evolution of more than 40 years of testing, upgrading and modification, which has resulted in a Tornado range of boats consisting of 4 different models to suit every need, from the small lake runabout RIB to the 12m Commercial Tornado RIBs currently operating in some of the harshest environments.

This wide range of use is especially due to the strength of the hull, which is in the fiber reinforcements and not directly in the resin (but the resin must be strong of course, as this is what binds it all together), and at Tornado Boats we use a combination of polyester and vinyl ester to get the strongest and lightest boats.


But what gives the Tornado RIB an advantage over all other RIBs on the market, is the classic V-design of the hull.

This design has demonstrated its durability and strength for over 4 decades, mainly because it:

  • Maximizes the speed of the RIB
  • Economizes fuel consumption
  • Provides supreme safety, maneuverability and versatility

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All our boats are 100% customized. We build the boats according to the customer’s wishes. We also want to build the perfect boat for you. And as you just read, the classic V-designed hull gives you a lot of advantages. Dive into our universe and do not hesitate to contact us!