6.8m RIB


Multiple configurations, multiple purposes, one RIB

Our 6.8m High Performance RIB can be configured in many different ways to suit exactly the purpose you want.

Diving, fishing, water skiing, family trips, you name it. It does not disappoint.

Read on and see examples of how the 6.8m model can be customized.

The boat model is approved to carry up to 14 persons.


The 6.8m High Performance RIB is one of the most recent additions to the range of RIBs. With multiple configurations, this model is ideally suited to a variety of uses.


Length 7150 mm
Beam 2650 mm
Weight 690 kg*
Tube diameter 520 mm
Capacity 1220 kg / 8 persons (Cat. B) 1670 kg / 14 persons (Cat. C)
Max engine 250 hp / 380 kg
Air chambers 5
Internal length 5500 mm
Internal width 1650 mm

* This is our estimate for a standard boat without options, engine and fuel.

A 6.8m rib that can be customized in many different ways

When buying a Tornado, you as a customer have a lot of options to customize the boat according to your wishes.

After you have found the boat model that suits your desired purposes the best, you should consider the following configuration options:

  • The color of the hull 
    You have unlimited options (all colors available)
    Read more about the hull…
  • The color of the tube
    You can choose between the following options:
    – Orange
    – Navy Grey
    – Yellow
    – Black
    – Nato Green
    – Blue
    – Orange/Grey
    – Grey/Orange
    Read more about the tube…
  • Seating
    Select type of seating and quantity. For example:
    – Suspension seats
    – Jockey seats
    – Leaning frames
    – Benches
    Read more about the seating options…
  • The console
    Select the type of console you want. For example:
    – SHP Console
    – SHD Console
    – PHC E Console
    – MPS Console
    – MHC Console
    Read more about the console options…
  • Accessories
    Select accessories. For example:
    – Navigation frame
    – Lockers
    – Treadmaster
    – Boat cover
    – Boarding Ladder
    – Windscreen
    – Mooring Post
    – Bottle rack
    Read more about accessories…

If there are any additional things that you would like to have installed in the boat, please let us know.

It is almost only the imagination that sets the limits.

Examples of how you can customize the Tornado 6.8m High Performance RIB

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Why the world’s toughest rib?

The durability of our boats is one of the most important things for us. Our RIBs are made of the best materials available and therefore can withstand a harsh working environment. For the hull we use a combination of polyester and vinyl ester to get the strongest and lightest boats. For the tubes we are using the best PU (Polyurethane) fabric available.


EXPlore the full range of our Tornado RIB models

All our boats are 100% customized.

We build the boats according to the customer’s wishes.

We also want to build the perfect boat for you.

Find the perfect boat below.

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